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L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise VitaLift Rejuvenating Cleansing Makeup Removing Milk

I am addicted to products by L'Oreal. It was end of 2012 when I saw this product in a mall and I was curious to try it.
I am not much fond of makeup so mostly when I go to my university then I only use lipsticks nothing else. Not even kajal or mascara. Yes , when there are parties and functions then I don't miss the chance to use the products which I keep on buying whenever I go to market....;) Okay lets get back to the L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise VitaLift Rejuvenating Cleansing Makeup Removing Milk. I have been using this product on and off since the end of 2012  so its been a year now or even more so I am in a good position  to deeply review this product.


Rediscover youthful, radiant skin as you cleanse, lift and revitalise to help combat signs of aging, such as a dull complexion, wrinkles and loss of firmness. The creamy formula, enriched with active ingredient Glycoliss and vitamin C, effectively removes makeup leaving your skin perfectly cleansed and feeling rejuvenated. The skin feels instantly hydrated. Each day it feels smoother and skin tone appears more luminous.

My thoughts and experience
As I am a student so I dont need any anti-aging product but when I read reviews about it then I neglected its description and just purchased it. The bottle comes in off white color with a white cap. Cleansing milk is white in color and its rich and greasy in texture. You dont need much of the product to remove makeup. If you are in heavy makeup then you need only three or four cotton pads to remove the makeup completely. The only problem which girls face is to remove kajal or eye liner and this product to be very honest does this job well.

 The only thing which bothered me when I used it for the first time was its fragrance. Now I am used to it because I believe that if the product is delivering what it has claimed then one can put such thing aside. It really makes my skin smooth. After removing makeup with this cleansing milk I never ever forget to wash my face with a good face wash. Although its mentioned on the product to apply toner and moisturiser after using this product but my skin really gets greasy so my next step is always face wash. If you have a dry skin then you can go for the steps mentioned on the product but as I have a sensitive and acne prone skin so I cant take risk. I dont want more pimples so I feel that I should not use moisturiser after using this product. My overall experience with this product is worth the time and money too because it leaves my skin clean, smooth, soft and moisturized. As far as the anti-aging factor is concerned I cant give better reviews on this side of this product as I dont have wrinkles but my family members have also used this product and according to them this product is good in removing the makeup but it doesn't help to make your wrinkles to disappear. I will definitely repurchase this product. I have already used one bottle and I am using the second one now......;)


Its easily available in all big cosmetic stores. You wont face any difficulty in finding this product..;)

  • Its suitable for all skin types. I have acne prone and sensitive skin and I have not experienced any irritation or itching.
  • It removes even the last trace of makeup from skin effectively.
  • Skin becomes smooth and soft.
  • Only small amount is needed to remove makeup.
  • Its greasy texture.
  • Its not scent-free.
  • Doesnt reduce wrinkles.
  • Its slightly expensive.

Overall I am happy with this product ....;)

My Rating 


  1. I've never tried this but it's good at it removes all traces of make up. :)

    1. Yup, its really good......xoxoxoxoxo......:)

  2. I use Nivea Cleansing Milk but after your review I'd like to give this one a try. xx

    1. I have read much about Nivea Cleansing Milk.....Will give it a try in near future....hope so....I was thinking to try it last year then I thought when this is giving good result then why should i try that? but its on the top of my list....xoxoxoxoxo....;)

  3. I love your blog

  4. hmm nice review following back..

  5. this was my most fav cleansing milk once .. n idk why i stop using it .. m def gonna use it again .. love dear <3

    1. It's my favorite too. I just love it.....much love.....xoxoxo...^_^

  6. wow...looks wonderful...great product...will try..
    i have normal skin though

    my recent one :

    1. Thank you sweety.....give it a try....You will love it for sure.....much love....xoxoxo....^_^


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