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Glyco-Aid Cream-Review

Hello Girls!

I am back with my review on Glyco-Aid cream. I hate to repeat the same lines again and again but it's important to mention because there are new readers too, I have acne prone skin which is sensitive too. To be very honest I avoid using creams like this one as they make the skin more sensitive but in my case I had no other option.
The main reason of going after Glyco-Aid cream is to get rid of black heads and open pores. I have set a proper cleansing routine and I takeout blackheads too after doing facial but on 3rd day they are back. I have used many creams for blackheads and open pores but what they did was, they improved my complexion, skin was even tone, dark spots reduced, pores were minimized to some extent but blackheads never went away.

First wash your face with a cleanser and be sure that your facial cleanser does not leave any oily residue. This residue will make it difficult for Glyco-Aid cream to work efficiently. Then apply Glyco-Aid cream twice daily to the ace and neck, gently message into skin and do not wash off.

Mild irritation may occur during daily use. In case of irritation consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes and if it occurs, wash thoroughly with water. Avoid sun exposure after application.

How I use it
Always use it at night and don't use it twice a day even if it's mentioned on the tube because it's a peel off cream and it will make your skin more sensitive. I always use it at 8pm and clean my face at 1 30am and wash it with face wash after 30 minutes to an hour. It's mentioned on the tube to use it before going to bed and in the morning but my sincere suggestion is not to sleep after applying it because some people unconsciously  can rub their eyes after touching their face. So, I have set  time according to my sleeping routine and in my opinion 5 hours are enough for a cream to work. You can adjust your time according to your sleeping routine. Always use sunblock before going out and even while cooking. In other words you have to protect your skin from heat because this cream makes skin sensitive.

For your ease I am sharing my experience of first 10 days with this cream.

First Day of Glyco-Aid cream
I applied Glyco-Aid cream to my face at 8pm. I was hoping to clean my face at 1 or 2 am but at 12 I decided to get rid of the cream because of irritation. It was out of control so I took a wet cotton ball and cleaned my face very gently. I didn't try to clean it by rubbing it and you should avoid it too. I didn't touch my face for the next 2 hours although irritation was still there. At 2am  washed my face with Dove beauty cream bar . I didn't use oil free face wash as I was worried that I could make my face red. Well, on first day of this cream my face was smooth and soft like a baby's skin. I didn't notice any redness, but there was a new guest on my face ( a tiny pimple). It is normal because it's already mentioned that some people will face acne problem.

Second Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

Tingling feeling started immediately after applying the cream but it was bearable. My face didn't turn red and it was normal. I forgot to mention that this cream is not at all oily. It absorbs quickly into the skin. On 2nd day I felt irritation on my forehead and on my nose but I didn't touch my face. The tingling feeling lasted for an hour and after 2 hours my face started to become oily and pores were very much visible on my face. At 1 :30 am I cleaned my face with wet cotton pad and washed it with dove soap at 2:30am.

Third Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

 On third day I felt that my face is lil oilier so before applying cream I washed my face with Clinique liquid facial soap. After applying Glyco-Aid cream my skin remained oil free, but there was redness on my face. It was not much to get worried about because it was bearable. I decided that if the redness increased then I will skip this cream for a day but at 8pm I noticed that my skin was back to normal so I applied the cream. I didn't feel much irritation. At 1:30am I cleaned my face with cotton balls and washed it with face wash at 2:30am. I noticed a slight lightening up of dark spots and even black heads.One thing which I noticed was that my face felt little stretchy after washing with face wash.

Forth Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

On forth day after applying cream, my face turned red especially from the cheeks. I looked like a tomato but there was no tingling  feeling. The redness was gone after 1.5 hour.

Fifth Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

On fifth day I decided to take a break.

Sixth Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

On sixth day, I decided to go for shopping and before going out I applied sunblock. I felt irritation on my face but, when I came back there was no redness on my face. I washed my face at 8:30pm and applied cream at 9pm. All went fine and successfully I washed my face at 2:30am.

Seventh Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

Everything was normal on seventh day and I followed the same routine. Nothing went wrong.

Eighth Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

On eighth day I gave time to myself and stood in front of the mirror for about thirty minutes lol. I just wanted to see the results of this cream. The pores on my nose were really minimized and yes on cheeks they were still presents. Only dark spots were reduced. On eighth day I followed the same routine and it was all fine.

Ninth Day of Glyco-Aid cream
On ninth day I felt irritation on my face so, I skipped cream.

Tenth Day of Glyco-Aid Cream

On tenth day, I followed the same routine and washed my face at 2:30 am.

  • Reduces dark spots
  • Minimizes pores
  • Pocket friendly

  • Irritation
  • Makes skin sensitive
  • Not suitable for every skin type


It is easily available at all medical stores in 450 PKR.


Yes, it's an amazing cream but don't use it during summers. It will work best during winters. It's risky to use peel off creams during summers as face is already oily and such creams make it sensitive too. Moreover, peel off creams work best on dry and clean face so winters are the best option. One more thing, don't use other creams if you plan to go for this one. Select the face washes which work best for you. Don't use this cream for more than three months.

My Rating


Thank you for your time.
Stay Blessed :)


  1. omg such a detailed review.. oily skin does require lot of attention.. great review n welcome back xoxo

    1. Thank you so much sweety.....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. Nice review.which sunblock do u prefer to prevent ur face from becoming oil slick?

    1. Thank you dear. I use nurnmir but it makes skin oily....xoxoxoxo....:)

  3. wow! thats one long routine update :D thank you for giving an overall idea of what glyco-aids like. i have a feeling this cream might not be for my skintype :(

    1. Thank you sweety and yes if you dont have open pores or dark spots then don't use it...xoxoxo..:)

  4. Sounds great. Now you should also write about all those creams that improved my complexion, skin was even tone, dark spots reduced, pores were minimized to some extent. ;)

  5. Great review Maria ! I'm looking forward to purchase it in coming season :)

  6. Wow ..I like it how u explained. ..
    Thnx for honest review...looks an average product ..x

  7. what is the percentage of glycolic acid in it?

    1. It's not mentioned dear....xoxoxoxo....:)

  8. Lovely review, but I don't know if this will work for me either, I have sensitive skin so I think it'll get irritated by glyco-aid.

    1. Thank you dear and yes it's not good for sensitive skin....xoxoxo....^_^

  9. Your blog is very cute! Great post.

    Please follow back! Thanks! x

  10. It seems like need some great precautions to use this cream.

  11. we've never heard of this product before, we 're not sure it's available in Australia.

    M + K

    1. In Australia you can get reviva labs 10% glycolic acid cream....xoxoxoxo.....:)

  12. woww price is awesome very affordable
    Thank you for the review.

    1. Yes the price is amazing dear....xoxoxoxo....^_^

  13. Sounds like a decent one :)
    Nicely reviewed.

  14. I have acne prone skin as well! I didn't know about this Glyco-Aid cream. I would like to try this cream. I like how it gets rid of blackheads and open pores. Where do you get this cream?

    1. You can try Reviva labs 10% Glycolic acid cream. It must be easily available in your country.....xoxoxo....:)


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