Friday, 20 December 2013

Skin Care: Things to Remember while Shopping ;)

As this blog is all about my experiences with different skin care products so today I want to guide how to save money if you have a sensitive and acne prone skin. To be very honest I am the only in my family who has such skin type so there was no one to guide me properly and I have wasted money like a fool. But with the passage of time I have learned how to go for shopping if you have skin type like I do have. Here are few tips.... ;)
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Monday, 2 December 2013

Know Your Skin Type

Before discussing the products on this blog its my responsibility to guide the young girls and ladies that don't go for any product if its not made for your skin. All good and reputable brands mention on their products whether the particular product is for oily, sensitive, dry or normal. Some people do have combination skins too. So what I have learned uptil now is that if a particular product did a miracle on your friend's skin then it doesn't mean that it will do the same to your skin too.
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