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Capricious Skincare Radiance Serum

I am not much active on blog these days in fact I should say that I am not at all active :D. The reason is my really tough routine and whenever I get free time I prefer to spend it in kitchen. I always and always focus on quality when it comes to skincare products.
In my opinion one should not compromise on skincare products. Always and always check reviews before putting your hands on any product. I have extra sensitive and acne prone skin so I am more careful. I have changed my diet and if you have joined me on instagram then you must know that I hardly eat from outside now. I prefer to cook everything myself. Although it takes time but I am satisfied. My skin has improved a lot. I hardly get pimples now but still I have dark spots on my face.  Well I was googling stuff and I came across capricious skincare range. Today I am going to review capricious skincare radiance serum . By the way I have it's vitamin C serum and Retinol serum too. But I will definitely take my time to provide  honest reviews.

Capricious Skincare Radiance Serum

Product Description
Beauty is the end result of a healthy biology. Age defying Radiance Serum addresses the core of dysfunction in all things related to skin health, healing, repair and beauty. Thus, Radiance Serum is the medicine for what ails your skin. Not a bandaid but an actual restoration. Don’t we all want the glow of a clear luminous complexion?
Capricious Skincare Radiance Serum

Main Ingredients 
20% Vitamin C
20% Hyaluronic Acid
2.5% Niacinamide
2.5% CoQ10
1% Wakame Bioferment
0.5% Astaxanthin
5% Alpha Arbutin

First wash your face with a cleanser and be sure that your facial cleanser does not leave any oily residue. This residue will make it difficult for the serum to work efficiently. Then apply serum and gently massage into skin and do not wash off.

Mild irritation may occur but you will get used to it soon. Moreover you will feel skin tightness too which is normal. Avoid contact with eyes and if you can't bear strong smell then don't apply it on your nose.

 How to use it
 To be very honest I dont apply anything on my face which has peeling ingredients at night. It is better to avoid such creams and serums at night and let the skin to breathe. My sincere suggestion is not to sleep after applying such products because some people unconsciously  can rub their eyes after touching their face and I am one of them so I always set time according to my sleeping routine. I always say that 5 hours are enough for any cream or serum to work. Same is the case with this serum. I always apply it at 7pm and wash my face at 12am. Moreover whenever you use creams or serums with peeling ingredients then always and always use sunblock before going out and even while cooking. In other words you have to protect your skin from heat because these ingredients make skin sensitive.By the way I use Nurnmir sunblock. I haven't reviewed it yet but it is pretty good for winters. For summers it is a Big NO. By the way I have used this serum for 15 days and then didn't apply it for 5 days to check how my skin feels without it.

Capricious Skincare Radiance Serum
My thoughts and experience

When I applied this serum for the first time I felt lil irritation but it was bearable. By the way the serum is orange is color and even after applying your face will turn light orange. It is not something which you can apply during the day time and go outside. Moreover it has soft orange particles in it too. The positive point in my opinion is it's packaging. It comes with a pump so it is really hygienic. Two pumps are more than enough for your whole face. To be very honest I didn't feel a sudden change on my face after first usage in fact I started to notice lil changes after 5-6 days. My dark spots reduced and I noticed that this serum is really good for getting rid of tan. My chin is lil dark as compared to cheeks and forehead and I noticed that my chin area is becoming lighter day by day. By the way I am sensitive to strong smells so I always avoid applying it on my nose. After 5 hours of applying I always take this serum off my face with a wet cotton ball. I don't wash my face directly in fact I clean my face with a wet cotton ball and after that I wash my face with a gentle face-wash. I prefer to use Pond's face-washes  as they lather really well and they are pocket friendly too. In my opinion this is an amazing serum. Those who want to get rid of acne scars should really consider it and give it a try. Don't expect overnight results. It slowly does it's job but the results are long lasting. My skin has started to peel off and I am expecting that pores will minimize to some extent too. As it is a radiance serum so it has really brighten up my face. Those who feel that their skin has become dead and pale then this serum is for them. The size of the bottle is small but it can easily last 2 months. Peeling products always make your skin dry so it is really important to use a good moisturizer with them. Whenever I feel that my skin is becoming extra dry then I apply Loreal cream. My family has even noticed that my skin has started to glow. Once in a moon products impress me and believe me it is one of them.

Two pumps are more than enough

By the way Capricious skincare products are not available in Pakistan and they are not even available in stores if we talk about abroad but you can easily buy anything from their website and amazon. You can see that the products are on the expensive side as this radiance serum costs 79$ but off and on they have sales too. Keep an eye on the sales and you can get this serum in half price or even less than it. By the way I didn't pay even a single penny to custom and I received this serum and 2 other serums at my doorstep. If you want to buy anything then here is the link of their website Capricious Skincare. Moreover this serum is also available on amazon. If we talk about Pakistan then many facebook pages take orders of amazon. Just send the link of the product and they will quote the price. I will finish this serum and after that I will try vitamin C serum. Fingers crossed.

Soft orange particle and this serum leaves a light orange cast on face

Reduces dark spots
Removes tan
Brings a glow to skin
Suitable for every skin
 Hygienic packaging
Little goes a long way
It is not greasy or sticky

Not available in Pakistan
Strong smell
Skin feels tight after applying

A Big YES. It works slowly but the results are really amazing. I got two pimples on the first day but after that It is going all well. So I can easily say all is well. Those who have sensitive skin can easily use it as I have super sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate the skin.

My Rating


Thank you for your time.
Stay Blessed :)


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